Audrey Ashira

What would I ever do with a rose?

In freewrite, poetry, scrap-paper snippets on June 16, 2010 at 3:22 pm
Scatter the petals over the ocean
Watch them float away
Maybe the waves will bring them back to you
Maybe your love will come back too
  1. So the rose represents lost love?

  2. The rose represents love.
    You give it – maybe it comes back to you, maybe it floats away.
    But it’s never lost.
    Wherever it ends up – it’s meant to be.
    “There is a divinity that shapes our ends rough hew them how we will”
    We reap the joy in giving the love, in breathing for this one moment and smiling at the sky, even through teary eyes.
    Life is a beautiful thing.
    Love is what we live for.

  3. I like this one as well, so sad :\


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