Audrey Ashira


In freewrite, old poetry, poetry, scrap-paper snippets on June 23, 2010 at 10:27 am

I’m used to it now-
long separation
It’s an old companion of mine.
Sometimes it cries
Sometimes it beats me in a fit of rage
Beats me till I ache all over
Beats me till I’m lying on the ground.
Sometimes it merely starves me
Leaving me with that empty feeling in my stomach
in my chest
But it’s not always so cruel
Sometimes it’s indifferent-
When the sun’s low in the sky
And the shadow of separation
is very, very long.
Sometimes it looks at me
with its dry eyes
And I want to beat my hands against the ground.
Sometimes it lies beside me
In my empty bed
And it whispers of you
In the long silence
[And I whisper back.]
When I dream
I forget him entirely
And you’re back with me again.
But only when I dream.

Distance is a woman
And I’m jealous of her.


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