Audrey Ashira

some day I will have boys

In freewrite, poetry, scrap-paper snippets on July 2, 2010 at 10:17 am

someday I will have boys
5 or 7 if I am so insanely blessed
and they will all have frogs
and lizards
and snakes
which they will be told to keep out of doors
[but that will not always be the custom]
and they will get cuts and scrapes
and splinters in their feet –
all of which, I will play nurse too
And they will be getting bit so often
it will become routine
and I’ll look at it and point to the plaintain leaf
in the yard
and tell them to rub it with it till the swelling goes down
and I’ll go on making the next meal
and scrubbing the mud stains and blood stains out of the dirty laundry

People will wonder why I am so terribly calm about it all
but nothing can scare me.
I have brothers.


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