Audrey Ashira


In freewrite, poetry on July 19, 2010 at 8:26 pm

Heartbreak is a myth to me:
Rushing blood
A shattering
Broken eyes
Dry mouth
Losing the will to live.

I see it in the public square
In the stares of boys and girls
They’re eyes cracked like a mirror

Missing is a habit to me:
Something learnt long ago–
You don’t begin to miss someone for at least a week
You don’t actually miss them for at least a month
You don’t miss someone for at least two months
– maybe three
It isn’t till after that
that you long for someone

That’s been my experience.

Heartache is immortal, I have found:
Constant as the pounding of your heart
When apart – a lonliness that fills you
Together – a hunger that can kill you
You live off their laughter and you die from their pain

Love is intrinsic to me:
It’s the heartache and the missing when apart
And a thing that consumes you
And ties you to another person’s soul
Through both your eyes.
The beautiful broken melody
The dart that peirces you.
Losing yourself in them
Till there’s hardly any of you left
And yet more to you than you had ever known before.

Separation – the breaking the tie, the losing their eyes…
I’m aquainted with that.

But love is still intrinsic
Heartache still immortal
They say you can brake a habit…
maybe their right….

But heartbrake
Heartbrake’s still a myth to me.

I know only of Love.


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