Audrey Ashira

Exerpt from The Tireswing: Spinning

In Stories I haven't written yet on July 20, 2010 at 10:22 am


The sight. The sensation.
That’s what I remember the most:
Spinning on the tireswing.

.Push me, Sam.

And she did.

Trees. Cerulean sky. Em in her cotton-candy-pink dress in the branches above me.



.You’re doing it wrong.
Joe’s skin tanned dark as coffee stains, dark as leather.

/grabbed the rope.

tripping sensation


/let go

flying sensation

depth in my stomach.

inches from collision.

giddy fear.


/strong hands

/grabbed the rope

Jay had steel-string calloused fingers that built fences.
Eyes like the rope and the water and the sky.

.Do it like this.



tingling anticipation.

/let go



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