Audrey Ashira


In freewrite, poetry on July 27, 2010 at 5:40 pm

I was your
Strong and beautiful
You said

Come and pick me
Won’t you?
Come and pick me
I long to be the laurel
To crown your head

The flowers I would wear
In my hair
Were dying from the moment
they were plucked
I always knew
Love was a bruise
I just didn’t know how much

I’m a

He’s preserved my soul
Kept me whole
I’m not shattering for this

You can’t kill me
No, you can’t kill me
You already did

But we both know
Wildflowers grow
When they die
It’s not for naught
I’ve lost a lot
But I didn’t lose my pride

I only miss your eyes

You traded me
For a Lilly of the Valley
And I do
I really do
Pray that you will be happy

In a field that’s burned
It’s my turn….
to die


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