Audrey Ashira

Dminor Waltz

In lyrics, poetry on September 17, 2010 at 10:32 pm

Listen to it sung

Moving pictures on the screen
Play the answering machine
You’re voice, a broken melody
Is crackling like fire

Empty bottles, broken glass
Questions I don’t need to ask
We had dreams, but dreams don’t last
Just make us laugh before we die

Seasons pass like people do
Soon the grass will grasp us too
One touch in time, our eyes- they knew
And Eternity was there

I’m heartbroken they say
But they don’t even know the way
I died at the first word you said
You can’t kill a man that’s dead.

They say as I look out
All that I see
Is through rose colored glasses
But roses aren’t pink
They’re the color of red, red blood


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