Audrey Ashira

the rain

In freewrite, poetry on September 27, 2010 at 5:20 pm

The rain that wets our carbon riddled skin
And seeps into our poly-fiber cloths
At once combines the ocean and wind
And packages their souls like music notes.

The rain, it turns the sky to condensation
To pearls that roll across our fingernails
The tears of the all the mythic constellations
That fall in sheets as wide as clipper sails.

  1. really liked this. each line was wonderful on it’s own… together, it was magical.. mythical.. beautiful.

    makes me love the rain even more than I already did…

    is this a song? sounds like it should be…

  2. Not a song yet:)
    But I’ll let you know if it ever becomes one.
    For some songs that I have posted in audio format you can go to the My Music link under the header:)

  3. love rains…
    love your rain poem too.

  4. just awesome. loved that description of rain.

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