Audrey Ashira


In freewrite, poetry on November 5, 2010 at 10:56 am

You’ve been running from yourself so long
You can hardly see where you’ve started from
But the reason you left
Still haunts you at night
And makes you scratch your arm…

You’re scratching scars
And it makes gashes in your heart.

You’re cold at night
Cold and tormented
Guilt is a cold, heavy coat,
And every day you’re filling up the pockets…

There’s blood on your hands
And it’s stained your soul.

You’ve been dying for atonement
The blood is crying from the ground
And you can’t silence it.
The blood belongs to it’s Maker
But the blood has been paid for.

That one star in heaven…
It’s yours, Trainrider.

Your sins are forgiven.

  1. wow! what a poem. a very haunting piece.

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