Audrey Ashira

sister dear

In freewrite, poetry on December 27, 2010 at 11:33 pm

I’ll tell you a secret
Like a child would
Come under the covers and I’ll whisper it in your ear
“I’m afraid of the dark.
I’m afraid of the empty silence.”

I’ll share my life with you
Like blood-brothers
Prick our fingers and press them together
My blood’s in your veins
_Your blood’s in mine
And our hearts beat to the same time

I’ll fall asleep with you
Like a sister would
My head melting into your shoulder
My hands indistinguishable from your own
In the not-so-empty dark
As I listen to the beating of your heart

I’ll make a wish with you
Like a dreamer would
Like an old-fashioned fool
“One – two – three.”
We’ll cast our wishes into the blue sky-sea
And God will send a shooting star
By way of the shining Myths.

And I will get my wish:
“I love you,” Your eyes say.


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