Audrey Ashira

marginal interuptions

In freewrite, poetry on February 12, 2011 at 1:01 pm

You again
Come for a visit, I see?
Running up and down the margins of my textbooks
Chasing my thoughts through the alleyways –
The empty space between the lines I’m supposed to be reading….
And now you are lifting black ink from the letters
To draw me some pictures
And rearranging the words to make poetry
Making me laugh and stare off into space
Neglecting my work – a little here, a little there.
But without you completely, I cannot think at all.
So that’s the compromise.

  1. this made me smile. At first, I thought, you might be talking about a romantic interest… then, I thought, this was about your muse. ? Perhaps, both? =)

  2. The beauty of poetry – it says a thousand things with but a few words!
    For, me it was about a person.
    But the muse was a lovely interpretation. Very fitting:) Perhaps more so than the intended one.

  3. ps. I’m glad it made you smile:)

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