Audrey Ashira


In freewrite, poetry on March 5, 2011 at 8:53 pm

Let’s be hippies,
in a big blue bus,
with our hair down,
rattling on downtown to find the sky.

Let’s be crazy musicians
– bumper stickers on our instruments –
singing lullabies and prophesies
to trainriders.

And let’s be trainriders,
cold and bruised with time,
but happy
with a paper back in our back pocket.

And let’s be missionaries
in a dead place,
a desert place,
with verses ingrained on our arms and hearts.

Then let’s crawl into the hearts,
of each other.
Let’s dig and scrape and pray
Till we reach the River,
Spend our lives pouring out The Water
on a thirsty earth…

With a Hallelujah,
and an Amen.

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