Audrey Ashira

She laughs

In freewrite, poetry on June 16, 2011 at 2:23 pm

She laughs because she’s homesick

And her heart is raw

As her hands that have scrubbed

Those dishes too many

In hot soapy water

These too many years.


And her soul is like a fire –

Beautiful and strong as a Tigerlilly

Despite the harsh and heavy

Unexpected thunderstorms.


She laughs at lightening.

She laughs at the harsh words that aim

To slit her wrists.

She will not surrender!

She will not give in!


Pushing past tired and aching

And lonely and hurting

Rejected and Abused

She will continue!

She will be victor!


Let the words come!

Let scalding water have its way! –

She will not be shattered

She will not be swayed.


Yes, it burns when the heat comes

And, yes, yes, her hands bleed.

But her soul is a fire, a flower,

– lovely, pure light; the softest, most colourful petals –

Hidden in the cleft of a Rock,

Protected from every storm.


She laughs because she’s Homesick:

She has joy, soon she’ll be home.



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