Audrey Ashira

New things

In Uncategorized on January 28, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Dear, beloved reader,
I’m moving on to new things.
And I’m hoping you will join me…
In a new time of poetry,
This time with sometimes something more
Like art
and recipes
and thoughts
And photos
that can’t help bursting through my mind
and out to you.

please, come along with me?



In poetry on September 29, 2011 at 1:35 pm

Consider it forgiven.
Consider me hurt…
Considering what I’ve lost,
I consider regaining worse.

Consider it far off…
faded –
like I do.
Consider the red ink lost,
Drowned out in the blue.

Consider the words we’ve said –
Consider them yesterday’s.
Consider the ambiguities
To the games they’ve played.

Consider the options now…
Each one I consider bleak.
Consider the words used up
And there are no more to speak.

Consider this your decision,
Just like all the rest –
The beginning and the ending,
The worst and best.

Consider this band’s reunion,
Nothing but much contrived.
None of the chords are blending,
All of the phrases tried.

Consider this my last poem,
To the brother that I love still,
In a way that a sister does,
In a way that she always will.

Consider this my one prayer –
That your soul would be set on fire.
Consider yourself as nothing
But a holy consuming desire.

Consider these my last words.
Consider this my last try
To clarify this mess.
Consider this my goodbye.

Consider me moved on,
Consider me happy at last.
Consider us over.
Consider us in the past.

Find me.

In freewrite, poetry on August 7, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Find me.
Meet me in the battle
I will be the one
Fighting there beside you.
The one to heal your wounds.
The one you’ll need rescue.

Find me!
Meet me in the darkness
I will be the one
Singing with a fiery gaze.
Be the instrument that leads me.
Let’s set the world ablaze.

Find me…
Meet me in the rainstorm.
I will be the one
Walking on the water
Reminding you to keep your eyes
Staring at our Savior.

Find me.
I will be the one
Bringing in the harvest
Planting in the wilderness
Bringing barren earth the Water
With you, close beside you.

My love, friend, brother, compatriot,
You will find me.
For I will be there beside you
Running in t’ward the same Light.